Clannad Original Soundtrack
Fantasy Dimension
CLANNAD OP&ED Single - Megumeru / Dango Daikazoku

1. eufonius - Megumeru -cuckool mix 2007- (4:42)
2. Chata - Dango Daikazoku (4:33)
3. eufonius - Megumeru -cuckool mix 2007- -TV animation Ver.- (1:31)
4. Chata - Dango Daikazoku -TV animation Ver.- (1:29)
5. Instrumental - Megumeru -cuckool mix 2007- -off vocal ver.- (4:42)
6. Instrumental - Dango Daikazoku -off vocal ver.- (4:33)
7. riya - Shoujo no Gensou ZTS Remix (10:56)

Clannad OP ED Single - Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~

1. Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~
2. Dango Daikazoku
3. Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~ -TV animation ver.-
4. Dango Daikazoku -TV animation ver.-
5. Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~ -off vocal ver.-
6. Dango Daikazoku -off vocal ver.-
7. Shoujo no Gensou ZTS Remix

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Clannad OST (3CDs)

(Disc 1)
File Size: 99MB
(Disc 2)
File Size: 90MB
(Disc 3)
File Size: 94MB

Clannad Image Vocal Album Sorarado

1. "The Girl's Fantasy" 少女の幻想
2. "Over" オーバー
3. "Roaring Tide" 海鳴り
4. "Memories of a Distant Journey" 遠い旅の記憶
5. "Ten-thousand Miracles" 一万の軌跡
6. "Shining in the Sky" 空に光る

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Clannad Image Vocal Album Sorarado Append

Clannad Image Vocal Album Sorarado Append

1. "Same Height" 同じ高み
2. "Maiden of the Wind" 風の少女
3. "Cherry Blossom Petal" ひとひらの桜
4. "Sunbeams Streaming Through the Leaves" 木漏れ日

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Clannad remix album -memento-

Clannad remix album -memento-

Disc 1
1. "Mag Mell" メグメル
2. "Hurry Starfish" -PaPiPuPe Mix- は~りぃすたーふぃっしゅ
3. "To the Same Heights" 同じ高みへ
4. "A Pair of Idiots" 馬鹿ふたり
5. "Phase of the Moon" 月の位相
6. "Snowfield" 雪野原
7. "-Two Shadows-" -MintJam Mix- -影二つ-
8. "Ana"
9. Nagisa Warm Piano Arrange 渚
10. "A Tiny Palm" -new seasons mix- 小さなてのひら

Disc 2
1. "Ushio" 汐
2. "That's Like the Wind" それは風のように
3. "Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time" 有意義な時間の過ごし方
4. "Tea Party in the Reference Room" GMBP2004MIX 資料室のお茶会
5. "Reduce to Ashes" 灰燼に帰す
6. "Shinning in the Sky" 空に光る
7. "Song of the Cherry Blossoms" 桜抒曲

File Size: 106MB

Clannad/Tomoyo After Piano Arrange Album

1. "To the Same Heights" 同じ高みへ
2. "Mag Mell" メグメル
3. "White Clovers" 白詰草
4. "A Tiny Palm" 小さなてのひら
5. "-Two Shadows-" -影二つ-
6. "dear old home"
7. "rivulet"
8. "worth living"
9. "harmony with sorrow"
10. "love song"

File Size: 124MB

Clannad Movie Soundtrack
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1. Dango Dango Dango
2. Tomoya no Yume
3. Genki ni Natta Nagisa
4. Pan Kai Kyousou
5. Yuujou
6. Nagisa
7. Kibou ni Moete
8. Nakayoshi Kazoku
9. Yume no Hanashi
10. Kinen Shashin
11. Umibe ni Te
12. Jiken
13. Nani ka ga Kawaru
14. Marching Band
15. Tanoshii Souritsusai
16. Nagisa Netsuen!
17. Odoru Nagisa
18. Omae ga Suki
19. Nagisa no Shi
20. Chichi no Kotoba
21. Yoshino Band
22. Ushio to Saikai
23. Megumeru ~frequency -> e Ver.~
24. Megumero ~fildychrom~ / eufonius
25. Megumeru ~fildychrom~ La la la Ver.
26. Chiisana Tenohira ~eufonius ver.~
27. Yakusoku

File Size: 111MB

Clannad ~After Story~ OP&ED Single
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1. Toki wo Kizamu Uta 2. TORCH 3. Toki wo Kizamu Uta -TV Animation Ver.- 4. TORCH -TV Animation Ver.- 5. Toki wo Kizamu Uta -off Vocal Ver.- 6. TORCH -off Vocal Ver.-

File Size:56 MB

Tomoyo After - Its A Wonderful Life OST
Track List:
01.Light Colors
03.Love Song
04.Dear Old Home
06.Morning Glow
07.Favorite Loop
08.Old Summer Days
10.Worth Living
11.Young Lust
12.Dear Old Home (Piano)
14.Love Song (Piano)
15.Harmony with Sorrow
16.Life is like a Melody
17.Battle Tune
20.Light Coloers (Short Ver.)
21.Life is like a Melody (Short Ver.)

File Size: 94 MB

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